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My Favorite Coping Tools

Young woman is walking on nature

Here is a list of my favorite coping tools that I have utilized during the Covid-19 Pandemic. If you need to add more ways to handle what is happening in the world, try some of my list if you wish!

Yoga-There are many benefits of yoga!

Meditation-There are many benefits of meditation!

  • Insight Timer-Phone app with guided meditation, music, sound baths, sleep help


3 really good episodes: 

Emotional Inflammation
The Goal of Life is Not Happiness
Comparative Suffering

Video Series with Eckhart Tolle

Walking Outside in Nature and Sunshine

  • Add meaningful conversation with a friend for extra benefits if you are feeling isolated
  • Walk alone if you are confined in isolation with someone

Read Impactful Books

My most meaningful reads

Give Back

Since we are still in the middle of a pandemic, I continue to implement these tools. Feel free to share your own favorite coping tools in the comments below!


  1. Scott Terrell

    I love , I wait
    I see you!
    I cannot help the truth
    that I see mirrored
    back to me
    from your soul…

    As I love you, I love
    as I see your
    I am humbled
    that your perfection
    is also my own..
    Be well my precious
    friend Lisa…
    soon We’ll dance..
    And rejoice.

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