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Lisa J. Shultz is an award-winning author and baby boomer with a zest for conversation about what matters most in life and death.  Lisa specializes in writing non-fiction, self-help, and inspirational books and blogs.

Lighter Living is Lisa’s latest book that explains why you might want to simplify your home and your life. It shows you how to declutter and then organize what you keep. Finally, you are given a vision for lifelong decluttering and how it can lead to well-being and peace of mind.

Her previous award winning book is A Chance to Say Goodbye: Reflections on Losing a Parent.  A moving tribute to a remarkable man and a daughter’s experience of losing her dad, A Chance to Say Goodbye gives rise to reflections about what is important in living and dying.

Lisa is more than an award-winning author.  She currently offers the following services:

  • Freelance Writer
  • Blogger
  • Consultant/Coach
  • Speaker
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Licensed Physical Therapist

Lisa has compiled a list of wonderful resources that she has used personally and highly recommends.

  • Caregiving Support
  • Grief, Death, Dying
  • End-of-Life Issues
  • Decluttering, Organizing & Simplifying
  • Cleaning Out Homes
  • Spiritual and More!
Lighter Living Task #13 Obituaries
Lighter Living Tasks Middle Age

Lighter Living Task #13 Obituaries

Writing your own obituary can actually bring you peace of mind! If you have a draft of important dates and events of your life, it helps those left behind to lessen the work of figuring out significant details that are important to the overview of your life.
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Pick Three Things to Do Each Day During Self-Quarantine
Decluttering Estate Planning Health

Pick Three Things to Do Each Day During Self-Quarantine

In my first week of self-isolation during the coronavirus, I have found it challenging to set up a new routine. I am self-employed and was already accustomed to working at home so it surprised me that I found it difficult to create a schedule that felt satisfying. I felt scattered and anxious, which reduced my focus.
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Lighter Living Task #12 Books
Decluttering Lighter Living Tasks

Lighter Living Task #12 Books

I love books and over the years, I have bought many of them. I have also had to develop the habit of thinning them out every year so that they don’t take over my house!
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