Become an Athlete of the Mind

Gain control of your mind and stop sabotaging yourself! Your mind has its own agenda, but when you train your mind, you can drop the unsupportive thoughts and negative patterns that prevent you from getting where you want to go. When you become an athlete of the mind you’ll be on the path to more success in your life.

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How to Bring Your Book to Life
This Year!

Whether you have already started writing or just considering bringing pen to paper – How to Bring Your Book to Life This Year is the perfect guide for unleashing the book inside of you. Aspiring authors get overwhelmed just dreaming about writing a book and bringing it to market. This guidebook breaks down the process into easy to follow steps.

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Sally's Journey

Sally’s Journey

Lisa Shultz takes you on this journey from the moment she finds Sally until she has to let her go. Emotional and entertaining. May we all remember to forgive quickly and love deeply just like Sally!


Speaking Your Truth:
Vol.1, Vol.2 & Vol.3

Speaking Your Truth is my baby. I gave birth to it with my business partner Andrea Costantine in August of 2010.

Inside Volume One, there are 49 amazing stories of inspiration including my story.

Volume Two has 43 stories, and I again included one from me.

Volume Three has 42 fabulous stories and concludes the series.

These books are near and dear to my heart and I hope you will enjoy them.

Enjoy both Volumes on Kindle.

Nook versions also available.


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