Parenting Tips To Embrace As Graduation Approaches

The high school years go fast and there is still time to make some adjustments in your parenting before graduation. It may make all the difference in the world to your teen and your relationship now and help you avoid regret. Good parenting now may also be the model of how your children will raise their own kids some day.

Simplify and slow down. Life can be overwhelming for children, teens and young adults. Pressure can be immense to achieve, get into college and choose a major once there. Navigating the demands of parents, teachers, peers, and society can be daunting. Encourage your child to focus on fewer things and not attempt to juggle too many activities and responsibilities. Model this behavior yourself as a parent and spend some quiet time with your kid. Give yourself and them permission to slow down.

Get away as a family. Go ski, take a hike, go camping or some other shared experience that gets everyone out of their usual routine and enjoying nature. Plan a vacation if finances allow. Unplug from technology as much as possible and have some fun together. Play together.

Travel to third world countries. Let your kids view a bigger world outside of their school lives. Visiting a country that has poverty and hardship opens the minds of the youth that they live in an abundant society by comparison. Volunteering at a school in one of these struggling nations can be even more impactful for your child to get perspective of their life back home. [Read more…]