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Speaking Your Truth: Volume 3

Speaking Your Truth, Volume 3

Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women

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“I was overwhelmed by how courageous and vulnerable these truly remarkable women have made themselves—for a chance to change someone else’s life.”

Dr. Jeanine Zinner

Healing, Loss, Self-Discovery, Defining Moments and Relationships are the topics covering Volume III of “Speaking Your Truth”. Personal stories are the foundation for our connections to others. No matter what you have experienced in in the past, nor what you are up against today – these stories will uplift and inspire you every moment along the way. In “Speaking Your Truth” you’ll find 42 individual stories written by women for women. Their stories provide inspiration and heartfelt truths, some of which have never been shared before.Purchase Online

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“You will find many gems throughout these pages that will speak to your heart, reassure you that you are not alone, and provide you with comfort, encouragement, and inspiration. As a contributing author, I am honored to be a part of this anthology that represents women with varying backgrounds, experiences and beliefs, with one powerful commonality – responding to the inner-nudging to authentically speak your truth.”

Sabrina Fritts