A Country Divided Is Not United…

I dread the upcoming elections. I say dread because I think the elections divide the country. I see and hear awful ads pointing fingers at who is to blame and out of context propaganda about how the other candidate is so terrible. The whole thing makes my stomach turn inside out. So I ignore much of it as best I can. I minimize TV watching and I don’t engage in political discussions with friends.

What do I believe? I think the answer lies in the middle instead of either edge of the extremes. I think saying only one party is right is about the same as saying that only one religion or church is your entry into heaven. (I better stick to politics and not dip my toe into religion in the same article!) So back to politics…when we war within our country about which party is right, we create a tense environment. How can we solve problems with finger pointing?

By now some of you are calling me simple-minded, naive, idealistic or unrealistic! So be it! I don’t think the answers are on the edge but rather in the middle. I love the concept of The Tao (pronounced dow). The Tao is called the way. The philosophy is that everything has two extremes or opposites like yin and yang. If you find the middle, forces balance. Energy is wasted on the two extremes. When you find the middle, you also find energy and effortless action and perhaps even solutions! Finding the balance in the center creates harmony.

So what can we agree upon? I hope we all agree that our country stands on the premise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as well as freedom. [Read more…]