Understanding What Triggers Illness or Disease

Since I wrote my blog about overcoming a recent health issue, I received some questions about why I developed a health challenge in the first place when I have always maintained physical fitness and healthy choices for most of my life. I eat nutritious food and take good care of myself. I rarely if ever even have a cold. I am happy and have a lifestyle that is full of life.

So I decided to address this question based on my personal experience and life history. I am not a doctor, scientist or healthcare practitioner. Since I recently experienced a health miracle and wrote about the measures I took to boost my health and healing naturally in my blog entitled, “What My Doctor Didn’t Want To Know”, I have paused to consider why I had a health crisis and how to prevent one in the future.

I share my thoughts as a human being who likes to look for answers, turn over assumptions, shift paradigms and try new things. If what I say resonates with you, grab it. If what I write doesn’t feel true for you, discard it. My experience and conclusions are unique to me and may not be a part of your particular journey. Nonetheless, here is my theory on why I have ever experienced lapses in good health. [Read more…]