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Ready or Not – Tips for the New Grad

Ready or Not

Tips for the New Grad

Ready or Not, Tips for the New Grad is a winner in the category of “Gift Books” for the 2014 National Indie Excellence Book Awards and a finalist in the category of “Career” for the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

Lisa Shultz combines her life experience of challenges and successes with the messages of influential teachers, books, and courses to create this gift book for graduates. Easy-to-read nuggets of wisdom on topics of Health, Finances and Work, Play and Leisure, Spirit, Relationships and Love, Community and Service, and more.

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“I purchased this book for my graduating daughter but took the opportunity to read it through first. I was hooked. Before long Lisa Shultz wasn’t speaking to an 18-year old embarking on her first freedoms but to her middle aged mother. I realized how many of these basic, lovely life principles had fallen from my focus and how I needed to put them back. This little book is designed to be read and to be kept for frequent referral. The suggested reading list at the back identifies many of Lisa Shultz’s sources for her wisdoms – books that are current gold standards on success and spirituality compressed into this wonderful gift book. I am buying one for myself because just like my little girl, I am Ready or Not for what life holds. A must read and a must buy.”