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Music to Process, Grieve and Calm

Member of classical music orchestra playing violin on a concert

Samuel Barber‘s Adagio for Strings is one of the most recognizable pieces of classical music in the world. It’s become America’s semi-official music for mourning, used at Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s funeral and after JFK’s assassination. But somewhere along the way, it went from an anthem of sadness to one of joy.

As I struggle day and night to process what is happening in the world, I feel that this piece of music reflects without words how I feel. It helps me process and release pent up sorrow and grief. By the end of it, I feel a peaceful calmness that helps me continue on in this time of uncertainty. I hope it soothes you as it does me. Be well and be safe.


  1. Sabrina

    Beautiful piece and lovely article Lisa. In our home growing uP, my parents had classical music playing throughout the house every weekend. I still find it soothing. Thank you for sharing this song.

  2. Andrea Costantine

    Beautiful piece Lisa, thanks for sharing. I definitely find solace in music. I also notice that music can bubble up a lot of emotions in me – sometimes good and sometimes sad as well. I use music to help maintain my environment and level out my emotions!

  3. Daren Pitts Redman

    Hi Lisa
    Thankfully you have expressed emotions and how to.s when clearing and cleaning you paretents second home. We are in the midst now.
    And I remember the Knoxville Symphony playing Barber. Thinking it is a great funeral send off for those we love for Ronnie and Beverly Barker. Indianapolis.

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