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My Favorite Books of 2016

On Goodreads, I read and reviewed 52 books in 2016. Yes, that is a lot but some were short and many were on Audible while I drove to and from Breckenridge and Denver. I love books and find them as necessary as food. It is challenging to pick the winners of a year. I am going to pick 4 non-fiction books to highlight.


Not only did Oneness make the top of my list for 2016, it is in the top 5 of my lifetime. It is very spiritual and requires deep contemplation. It is not for everyone. For those seeking to understand the complexity of your life patterns, why things happen in your life and the big picture, this book will be profound.

Love Warrior

This memoir is brutally honest, real and empowering. I listened to it on Audible and the author did an incredible job describing the story of her life. Some will find uncomfortable because she dares to share what is often hidden. Glennon Doyle Melton is a champion of courage. If you need a shot in the arm of courage for any reason, this book might boost you in the direction you need to go to live an authentic life.

Big Magic

I love Elizabeth Gilbert and have heard her speak live in Denver. I very much enjoyed the books Eat, Pray, Love and The Signature of All Things. Big Magic is perfect for anyone with a creative bone or cell in their body. It inspired me to write more. If you are looking for a spark to release your creative talents, this book might help. Life can be magical if we all let free our unique gifts to the world instead of keeping them inside.

The Tao of Death: The Secret of a Rich and Meaningful Life

This book is best read a page day and then savoring the words allowing them to sink in and provide meaning for your life. There are 81 short passages, so reading it slowly is easy. An excerpt of passage one is a wonderful overview of how the book might influence you:

“When you learn the Way of Death
you will no longer fear the future.
When you live without fear
you will shine your light freely.
This is how you will change the world.”

If you have not already done so, please follow me on Goodreads. You can also browse all 52 book reviews of 2016 for other good book recommendations. I read a lot of fiction too, so check them all out. Please comment below if you had any standout reads of 2016. I love to add to my “to read list”!



  1. Andrea Costantine

    Love how many books you are reading, it’s truly a commitment. I love your list of books to read in the new year as well, I will check out some of those myself.

    Currently, I’m reading a bunch – Present over Perfect, Hands Free Mama and a few others!

    I also loved Big Magic and Love Warrior in 2016!

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