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A person only needs to browse the newsfeed of Facebook on Election Day or Inauguration Day to see hatred flung at each other. In fairness, I also see some posts that are classy and positive on both sides of the political pendulum. But I see more mud slinging than I have ever seen before. It feels to me like our country is in civil war. Not north vs. south. All corners of our country seem to be dividing.

One of the reasons that I am an independent in terms of politics is the two sides repel me with negativism and intolerance. From the book Oneness, “The systems on which your society is based will, most likely, experience a fundamental breakdown as they are built on a foundation of diminished vibration that cannot sustain itself under conditions that continue to accelerate.”

So what do we do now? We have a new president. My answer is to look at myself first. How do I behave, think and feel? And how do I express my values to the world? How do I interact within my family, with my friends, in my community and with each and every interaction of my day?

Again an excerpt from Oneness, “For your world situation is no more than a magnified reflection of the energy of the collective consciousness. You are part of that group dynamic. And the only way to shift the worldview is to shift the thrust of what you project upon it. Each of you. One conflict at a time.

By shifting the energy you project onto even one seemingly inconsequential encounter, you shift the vibration you project onto the macrocosm of your world. If each of you did that, in every instance where your own personal will butts heads with that of another, you would have the world peace-and ultimately the Oneness-that each of you cries for throughout all Creation.”

I look to each and every encounter and know that it can influence the vibration of the collective. I practice my values of kindness, compassion, love and peace with each word I utter and each interaction. I am not perfect, but each day I practice. Be the change you wish to see in the world with words and deeds. It all counts and all adds up. Choose wisely what you post on Facebook. I choose love. What do you choose?


  1. Leah Baxter

    I concur Lisa! Each one of us has the power to connect to each other and bring positive changes, it is not about one person, it is together that we become strong.

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