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Norma Jean Shultz-A Tribute To Her Life

Norma’s parents Will and Gertrude Schwabauer

Born August 16, 1931, Norma Jean Schwabauer was the eighth and last child of Frederick William Schwabauer (known as Will) and Gertrude Mae Peck.

Will (1883-1977) was the third son of David Schwabauer and Katherine Marie Kisling Schwabauer. David was born in Kormish, Germany, but came to America at age 18. In 1905 Will’s family moved to Lane. The family lived there for many years and during that time, a young woman by the name of Gertrude Peck came to teach school in the vicinity.

Gertrude’s parents were James and Erminie (Minnie) Peck. Gertrude (1893-1977) was the first born of nine (two brothers died in infancy). The Pecks farmed in Faulk and Jerauld Counties, South Dakota. Gertrude taught school near Lane. Herbert Schwabauer was one of her pupils, and she eventually met Herbert’s brother Will.

Will proposed to Gertrude and they were married at high noon on June 24, 1914. A bounteous wedding dinner was served outdoors in a large tent, the tables adorned with wild roses from the countryside. The couple traveled to Mitchell in Will’s Model T for their honeymoon.

Schwabauer homestead near Lane, South Dakota
Schwabauer homestead near Lane, South Dakota

The Schwabauers made their home in a small house across the road from Will’s parents. They began farming and family life with their first three children, Gerald, Doris and Robert. In 1923 Will’s father David died, and so the family moved into the home farm where the last of their children, Georgia, Maxine, Vera, Virginia, and Norma, were born. Maxine died as a young child from complications of a near-drowning incident, leaving only seven children to reach adulthood.

Norma’s father Will in Model T

The family struggled through the Depression and dust storms of the 30’s. The bank reclaimed the family’s Model A car, along with several milk cows. Will was forced to rebuild an old Model T that had been discarded, in order to provide the family with transportation. 

Sisters Virginia and Norma Schwabauer
Sisters Virginia and Norma Schwabauer

In 1934 Norma, just three years old, suffered complications from pneumonia and was rushed to the hospital, hemorrhaging. Her mother Gertrude was placed on a bed beside Norma and direct blood transfusions were given. Her blood and a new sulfa drug that was sent in from another state were essential to saving Norma’s life.

Young Norma Jean Schwabauer
Young Norma Jean Schwabauer

In 1943, the Schwabauers moved to Wessington Springs where Will was a custodian at Wessington Springs High School and later at Memorial Hospital. Norma attended school in Wessington Springs through her junior year of high school. In 1947, she began spending time with Robert Shultz, who was home from the Navy in World War II. Bob was helping his mother run the family hardware store after his father became ill. Norma was working for Dr. Whitney, the dentist a half block from the hardware store. Bob gave Norma rides home from work, and their love blossomed.

Norma and Bob Shultz get married 1948
Norma and Bob Shultz get married 1948

In 1948, Bob’s family decided to sell the hardware store. Bob planned to attend the University of Wisconsin on the GI bill and wanted Norma to join him. Because she was just sixteen and not yet finished with high school, the couple knew their families wouldn’t approve. So, they eloped to nearby Luverne, Minnesota to marry on July 3, 1948. Their folks were indeed shocked, but they welcomed the couple with a reception for them in the basement of the Methodist church.

Norma Shultz

After the wedding, Norma accompanied Bob to Madison, Wisconsin, where she finished her senior year of high school as a married student. She started taking some classes at the University until children interrupted that direction. They had their first child, Robby, in 1950. Bob graduated in 1951 and they then moved to Colorado. Three more children were added to the family: Lindy in 1952, Randy in 1953, and Lisa in 1963.

Norma Shultz

Norma stayed home and dedicated herself to raising their four kids. Bob settled into the insurance field and founded The High Country Corporation in 1955, which specialized in surplus lines and high-risk casualty and property insurances. He worked long hours in that post-war energized economy. He had a strong work ethic and zest for success, and his insurance firm prospered. In the 1970’s, he began dabbling in cattle ranching on his weekends. The couple’s interests started to go in different directions. They divorced in 1977, the same year that both of Norma’s parents passed. It was a hard year for her.

Norma with her 4 kids in 2014
Norma with her four kids in 2014

Her three oldest children were grown and on their own at the time of the divorce. Norma still had Lisa at home, and they continued on with their lives. Norma stayed very busy: she worked part-time in retail, volunteered, played tennis, and traveled. She loved hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and planning trips to special places to see the many wonders of the world. The beauty of nature gave her great pleasure. She enjoyed theater, music, art, bridge, and a full social life with family and friends. She was an active member of P.E.O. and other philanthropic organizations. She loved her family and friends.

She was blessed with four grandchildren (Staci, Ashley, Summer, and Liberty) and one great-grandchild (Irelyn).

Norma with four granddaughters
Norma with four granddaughters 

Norma (89) passed away peacefully at MorningStar Assisted Living in Lone Tree, Colorado on March 23, 2021.

She got much joy from the simple things in life, and she cherished her family and friends. She would want for all her family and friends to remember her as loving each of them. Please enjoy this music as you remember her: Click Here. (Then then push the play button for the song “Ishq-allah-mabud-lillah” by CarolAnn Barrows.)

Please feel free to leave comments of your memories or condolences for Norma’s family. Click here for a shortened obituary.

Norma Shultz
4 Generations in 2015
Four Generations in 2015


  1. Stephanie Schwabauer-Brown

    When I was little I thought Aunt Norma was the classiest and most worldly woman in the world. My opinion never changed, but I’d like to add that she was truly one of the kindest women also. My deepest condolences to all of you. She was one in a million.

  2. Steve Devanney

    Lisa, I’m so sorry for your loss, What a beautiful tribute to your mom She is also a beautiful women obviously inside and out. You have some wonderful memories here to lean on the rest of your life.

  3. Adrienne Leonard

    What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful Mother! Deepest sympathies are with you – sorry for your loss!

  4. Carrie and Libby Printz

    What a lovely tribute, Lisa. I’m so grateful to have known your Mom through the years. She was quite a special person and also lucky to have you for a daughter!

  5. Keith Bartels

    The most memorable thing about my Aunt Norma was her kindness. In all the years, I never witnessed her say anything negative about anyone. When my two daughters moved to Denver in the late 1990’s, they lived in an apartment building only a few blocks from where Norma lived. It was a great comfort to me just to know that if my kids needed anything, Norma was there for them! When we would visit our kids, we always tried to make time to include Norma in a lunch somewhere or to take her out to dinner with us. How we enjoyed visiting her!

    • Lisa J. Shultz

      Thanks Keith. My mom enjoyed having your daughters in Denver and seeing you and your family anytime you were visiting.

  6. Forrest Walker

    What a wonderful tribute to your mom and fascinating family history, Lisa. Your mom was a beautiful lady with a compassionate soul. I am so sorry for your loss…

  7. Giselle McDonough


    What a beautiful tribute to your mom! You resemble your mom alot. She was a beautiful woman and fearless! Just like you!

    May she always watch over you. Thinking of you and prayers for you and your family.



  8. Christine Guzy

    Thanks for sharing Norma’s tribute, Lindy. She was well loved by you, as was clear during our conversations over the shared fence. Leonard and I enjoyed taking pictures for you to share with your Mom of our bucolic back yards. Our deep felt condolences to all who love her.

    • Lindy Shultz

      Dear Christine & Leonard:
      Thank you for your message. Both Mom and I so enjoyed the photos you took for us.
      I did savor showing her the beautiful red of your repainted barn and my garden areas!


  9. Billie Winthers

    One of the dearest friends I have ever had and a joy to my life. Norma was an amazing woman with many, many interests in her life. Remembering the delicious lunches we had at her home; she was the best soup maker ever. I met Norma on Hoosier Pass after a group hiking adventure and I will always be grateful because having her for a friend was true joy. I miss you so much already dear one. Love, Billie

    • Lisa J. Shultz

      Billie, you meant so much to my mom. Thank you for your years of friendship with her.

  10. Jim and Kelly Morgan

    Although I did not know your Mom well, it was clear in my limited encounters with her that she was truly a lovely soul. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

  11. Jan Detweiler

    A beautiful tribute to your Mom, Lisa. So sorry for your loss. Prayers and blessings for you and your family.

  12. Elaine Keegan

    Thank you, Lisa, for such a wonderful tribute to your mother. Norma has been a treasured friend of mine for over three decades! She was a lovely, lovely lady and such a joy to be around. She will be greatly missed by her many friends. We were “movie and bridge buddies” and I will always have fond memories of our times together. God bless you and yours in this very difficult time.

  13. Marilyn Harrison

    Friendship with Norma in our adult years blessed me. Her warm gift of hospitality and a wise mind came from her kind heart. We shared in hiking, snow sports, tennis, concerts and the game of Bridge. There was always sharing about our dear families with one another. We had many travels. To name a few…to San Francisco, Mendocino, New York City (just after 9-11), a bus trip along the Hudson River Valley on way to Boston, and big trip to the Maritimse Province of Canada. Norma’s friendship blessed me with memories to carry with me.

    • Lisa J. Shultz

      I heard about some of those trips and saw some pictures too. She enjoyed travel with her friends like you!

  14. Jan

    Sending healing energy for your healing Lisa. What a long journey you have been on in the care of your mother. And what an amazing way to share your love for her.

  15. Lisa Hemminger

    Lisa, I am so sorry for your loss. Your tribute to your Mom is beautiful. Sending you love and light.

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