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Lighter Living Task #3 Family Treasures

Organizing Tips

Lighter Living is more than a book. Lighter Living Tasks are weekly suggestions to make progress on decluttering, organizing and simplifying your life. By working on parts of your home each week, you will breaking big projects into small, manageable tasks.

The younger generations may soon forget about or throw out precious family memorabilia if they don’t know the story behind the object. This week, find a family treasure and make sure the story is recorded about its significance. Record in writing and tell a family member as much as you know about it.

My dad told me the story of a ball knit by his grandmother, my great-grandmother Caroline Hildebrand (1859-1929).

The remarkable thing about Caroline was that she had only one hand. The story is lost about why she only had one hand but the ball she knit has been passed down through multiple generations.

One day my dad told the story to my sister and I and my sister helped create a box for it (a repurpose case for a baseball). I added the photo of Caroline later. The end result is a family legacy item that would be meaningless without a small amount of effort to record the story.

Consider an item that is special to your family and do something with it to ensure it remains a family treasure far into the future.

Between tasks posted on this blog, be sure to read Lighter Living if you have not already.