Lighter Living Task #6 Getting Your Affairs in Order

Statistically, most people do not have a Will and important documents are either non-existent, dated or in chaos.

This week’s task of getting one’s affairs in order isn’t easy and may take time. I wrote a blog for HomeWatch Caregivers in 2019 that I want to suggest you read at the starting point.

By looking at the list of important documents to have in place, what needs done?

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Power of Attorneys-General and Medical
  • Digital Assets Access Authorization Form
  • Advance Directive-Planning for Important Health Care Decisions
  • HIPAA Privacy Authorization Form
  • Information needed for a Death Certificate
  • Declaration of Disposition of Last Remains
  • Information and Instructions of business dealings
  • Key Contact list of all professionals/doctors/institutions
  • Key Contact list of all friends and organizations to notify
  • Other personal wishes and private communications
  • Obituary draft

This week, I suggest you begin by collecting what forms you already have and making an appointment with a professional estate planner or attorney to update or create these vital documents.

CNBC published an article about 11 End-of-Life documents you may need besides a Will, and it is a worthy read.

The piece of mind for yourself and your family when you have your affairs in order are well worth the time you carve out to get the job done.

Lighter Living is more than a book. Lighter Living Tasks are weekly suggestions to make progress on decluttering, organizing and simplifying your life. By working on parts of your home each week, you will breaking big projects into small, manageable tasks.

Between tasks posted on this blog, be sure to read Lighter Living if you have not already.

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