Understanding What Triggers Illness or Disease

Since I wrote my blog about overcoming a recent health issue, I received some questions about why I developed a health challenge in the first place when I have always maintained physical fitness and healthy choices for most of my life. I eat nutritious food and take good care of myself. I rarely if ever even have a cold. I am happy and have a lifestyle that is full of life.

So I decided to address this question based on my personal experience and life history. I am not a doctor, scientist or healthcare practitioner. Since I recently experienced a health miracle and wrote about the measures I took to boost my health and healing naturally in my blog entitled, “What My Doctor Didn’t Want To Know”, I have paused to consider why I had a health crisis and how to prevent one in the future.

I share my thoughts as a human being who likes to look for answers, turn over assumptions, shift paradigms and try new things. If what I say resonates with you, grab it. If what I write doesn’t feel true for you, discard it. My experience and conclusions are unique to me and may not be a part of your particular journey. Nonetheless, here is my theory on why I have ever experienced lapses in good health. [Read more…]

What My Doctor Didn’t Want To Know

I believe in miracles, and I just experienced one. My doctor might call it an aberration or a strange phenomenon. For many western medicine doctors, a miracle is too far of a stretch. Miracles are outside of their paradigm. Western medicine doctors save lives and do amazing things, but sometimes they get mystified. I have stumped my doctor to the point of her seeking another doctor’s opinion on how to explain what she said is not possible. They are confounded.

I had two weeks to wait for surgery. I could tell my doctor wanted me to have the surgery the following week based on my results, but it was a holiday week (Independence Day), and she wasn’t doing surgery that week. So I had two weeks to wait. I asked her what I should do during those two weeks and her answer was “nothing”. I did everything instead. Let’s begin at the beginning.

On Monday June 16, 2014 I had my annual pap exam with my gynecologist. She found 3 things wrong: Active HPV (Human papillomavirus), and atypical glandular cells and atypical squamous cells. I was then scheduled for an in-office biopsy, which occurred the following Monday June 23. This procedure was terribly painful, and I almost passed out.

3 days later, I got a call from my doctor. She said that the results were not good and that a more in-depth biopsy as outpatient surgery was indicated. She did not read me the exact wording of the lab report, and I am glad she didn’t. It would have freaked me out even worse than I already was at the time. But later, I got the actual report and it said that in my cervix, the biopsy showed “Severe squamous dysplasia/carcinoma in SITU.” Not a good diagnosis. The doctor also mentioned a hysterectomy might come later.

I had had some problematic pap tests over the years due to HPV, which I contracted in the 90’s, and I had had an in-office biopsy before, but nothing serious ever resulted. This new development alarmed me to put it lightly. I thought to myself, “I have 2 weeks to get rid of this issue” and immediately made changes. Because some people have asked me what I did, I will share the information with the caveat that this is my experience and my body, and I cannot promise this list will have the same results for you if you have a health concern. [Read more…]

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Sally's Journey by Lisa Shultz Lisa Shultz takes you on this journey from the moment she finds Sally until she has to let her go. Emotional and entertaining. May we all remember to forgive quickly and love deeply just like Sally!

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