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Lighter Living Task #1 Refrigerator and Pantry

Open fridge refrigerator full of food in the empty kitchen inte
Lighter Living Task #1

Lighter Living is more than a book. Lighter Living Tasks are weekly suggestions to make progress on decluttering, organizing and simplifying your life. By working on parts of your home each week, you will breaking big projects into small, manageable tasks.


Let’s consider food storage and food waste as we declutter our homes. This week we are in the kitchen and in particular, the refrigerator. Begin by removing every item and washing off the shelves and drawers. Then before any item goes back in, check the expiration date and look for mold. Throw away old and expired items. Consider tossing food that isn’t good for you. Perhaps re-shock with healthier items.

You may want to continue to the freezer. It may be easier to gradually eat the contents and then do a thorough cleaning or defrosting before restocking.

I have a pet-peeve about food waste. I would also like to suggest that by looking at the food we buy, we can also grow our awareness about food waste. Consider reading the article Reducing Wasted Food at Home. By being less wasteful, we can save money, reduce methane emissions, conserve energy and resources and support our communities. 

After you finish with your refrigerator, clean out your pantry. Again, remove all items and clean shelves. Only return items that have not expired. Consider donating food you no longer want. Be mindful when you grocery shop to only buy what you can and will consume. 

Between tasks posted on this blog, be sure to read Lighter Living if you have not already.

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