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Coping Strategies for Coronavirus Self-Isolation

Ways to Make the Most of Being Home

Staying home more during the coronavirus precaution period can have advantages. In order for us to cope and adjust to a change in our usual patterns, we must adapt to new routines. You may wish to create new structure to your day by setting up time blocks of activities.

Here are a few ideas to make the most of being home:

  • Read books-catch up on that pile of “to read” books.
  • Reach out to loved ones-reconnect, reassure and support those you love.
  • Clean-do a deep spring clean to your home.
  • Declutter-take zones within your home and sort and thin out what you no longer use or love.
  • Take up a new craft or hobby-learn a new skill or enjoy more of what you already do.
  • Expand your mind-enroll in online educational courses.
  • Exercise your body-check out all the online yoga and exercise classes offered on the Internet.
  • Try new recipes-make your favorite dishes or try new recipes to expand your cooking skills. 
  • TV-try a new show or turn it off if the news is causing you anxiety. 
  • Games-play cards or other games with your family. 
  • Write a book-if you have a goal to write one, this is the perfect time!
  • Enjoy nature-take a walk or bike ride and enjoy the beauty around you.
  • Take up mediation-calm yourself with this practice.
  • Self care-do all the things that keep you healthy and feeling good.
  • Music-play your favorite tunes and consider dancing or singing along.

Later when we resume our normal public activities and work schedules, we may look back and be thankful that we utilized our home time to accomplish things that needed to be done or expanded ourselves in ways that we had not previously allotted time to do. Look for new opportunities for growth during these unusual times. We may find silver linings as we cope with the unprecedented period of the coronavirus situation in our world.

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