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Questions I Ask Myself

During the stay-at-home orders of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have had plenty of time to think about my life. I will pose a few of the questions I am asking myself. 

  1. In what ways will I open my wallet when I am free to move about the world? How I spend my money is like voting and deserves careful attention. 
  2. How busy do I want to be out in the outside world? What activities do I miss and which ones now seem meaningless? Might I feel overwhelmed if I pack my schedule full again? Do I really want a busy life? I have cleared my plate of projects, now what will be my focus?
  3. Are my values more clearly defined now? What makes my life worth living? What will that look like outside my home?
  4. What have I discovered I can live without? What must I have as soon as possible when allowed? I have experienced a priority overhaul, so what does the new priority life look like? 
  5. What companies or products helped me survive isolation? How can I say thank you or donate to them?
  6. What new habits did I create during the pandemic that I want to keep? What unhealthy habits did I use to survive that I need to stop doing? 
  7. How might I temper my hope in order to manage disappointment when the world doesn’t open in the ways I would prefer? How can I maintain patience and stay safe? How will I handle another shutdown if the virus has a resurgence?
  8. How will I adjust to difficulties that will ensue because of the lack of a blueprint for re-entry to “normal life”? What is my plan for managing my frustration? 
  9. Will I be able to manage anxiety, fear and grief? Will I need extra support to heal from the trauma of this pandemic? What books or groups might be helpful? What practices, treatments or strategies might I utilize to release pent up negative emotions?  

I have unraveled a complicated life during isolation. But going out into the world again is more complicated than ever! I have confidence I can do it but I need to be mindful about it. 

What questions are on your mind?